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About Themida

Themida was established in 2016 between Reveliotis Law P.C, located in Chicago USA, and Filippos Koteas – Kosmas Koteas & Associates, located in Piraeus, Greece. Themida is named after Themis the ancient Greek Titaness, symbolizing divine order and law. Our goal is to assist you in any legal issues arising in the US, Greece, Cyprus and South Africa.Themida is your bridge to the Greek legal system and vice versa. Our team consists of experienced lawyers and professionals with both the expertise and the skillset to achieve successful results for our clients.


You may contact us via email or phone and we will arrange a free appointment via phone call or conference call where we will discuss the legal or real estate issues concerning you. Further to our call we will follow up in writing, providing you with the options that are suitable to your case and an estimation of the fees and expenses.  Our fees are agreed in advance  in writing so that you are aware of all relative costs before deciding to pursue the case. While pursuing your case we will provide you  regularly with reports regarding the progress of our legal actions.

Real Estate / Property Law

Whether looking to sell, purchase or exploit real estate in Greece, Themida can provide unequivocal representation. We will take all the necessary steps to ensure that the transaction occurs in the most professional, time saving and cost-efficient manner possible.

Tax Law

Themida provides tax advice and services, such as representing you before taxing authorities, preparing annual tax returns, applying for and procuring a Greek Tax Identification Number (AFM) and Tax Identification Number (kleidarithmo), among others.

Inheritance Law

The loss of a loved one is always a painful and stressful experience. We represent you in the acceptance of the inheritance, without requiring you to travel to Greece and attend proceedings.

Private property management

The management and care of real estate is a very demanding job, especially when the owner lives abroad.

Cadastral Law

A cadastre is a comprehensive land recording of the real estate or real property’s metes-and-bounds of a country. In most countries, including Greece, legal systems have developed around the original administrative systems.

Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Court Decisions

In law, the enforcement of foreign judgments is the recognition and enforcement in one jurisdiction of judgments rendered in another (“foreign”) jurisdiction.


A person may decide the future of his/her property by leaving a will, which can be entirely handwritten by him/her personally, or executed before a public notary under the presence of witnesses.

Business consulting & business law

Themida provides consultancy and guidance for the implementation of your business project in Greece.

Greek Citizenship

Greek citizenship may be acquired by descent or through naturalization. Greek law permits dual citizenship. A Greek national is a citizen of the European Union, and therefore entitled to the same rights as other EU citizens.
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