A cadastre is a comprehensive land recording of the real estate or real property’s metes-and-bounds of a country. In most countries, including Greece, legal systems have developed around the original administrative systems and use the cadastre to define the dimensions and location of land parcels described in legal documentation. The cadastre is a fundamental source of data in disputes and lawsuits between landowners. Land registration and cadastre are both types of land recording and complement each other. Cadastral documentation comprises the documentary materials submitted to cadastre or land administration offices for renewal of cadastral recordings.

In particular, the Hellenic Cadastre is a unified and constantly updated system of information that records the legal, technical and other additional details about real estate properties and the rights on them. Everyone owning real estate property in Greece is required to submit an ownership declaration during the cadastral survey procedure. In case an owner does not submit an ownership declaration during the cadastral survey procedure, their property is registered in the Hellenic Cadastre flagged to belong to an “UNKNOWN OWNER”.

We undertake the whole procedure, in which we prepare and sign the documentation, including concerned parties (owner, etc.), licensed surveyors and legal advisors without requiring you to travel to Greece and attend proceedings.

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