The loss of a loved one is always a painful and stressful experience. When someone passes away, many issues are raised concerning the belongings of the deceased (property, money, assets) and the living relatives who live abroad are obliged to undertake all the necessary legal procedures. As a result, the need of legal help and clarification of the distribution of the assets and other rights acquired during the lifetime of the deceased, among the heirs, arises inevitably. The specific provisions which regulate the relevant areas (successions, inheritance portion distribution, deadlines, procedures for acceptance or renouncement of inheritance) are directed by the legal inheritance regulations of the Greek national law. We are here to solve all your problems that arise from being the relative of the deceased concerning the procedures to be followed and to undertake these procedures for you

Themida conducts title searches nationwide to ascertain the current legal and actual status of inheritance, determine if acts of adverse possession have been taking place against your property and correct inaccurate or missing registrations with the National Cadastral/Ktimatologio, among others. Our professionals have vast experience in handling cases of neglected properties where the title is questionable or does not exist.

We also represent you in the acceptance of the inheritance, without requiring you to travel to Greece and attend proceedings.

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