Kosmas Koteas


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Kosmas F. Koteas & Associates Law Firm was founded in 1972, in Piraeus Greece and operates in Corporate, Civil, Property law, Succession law, Leasehold law and offers tax management services to both international and domestic clients. Throughout these years, we practice law with total respect and dedication, committed to the responsibility of our profession and the principles governing it.

Kosmas is the managing partner of Filippos D. Koteas – Kosmas F. Koteas and Associates Law Firm which was founded in 1972 in Piraeus, Greece. He has tried more than a thousand cases before greek courts and he has negotiated on behalf of his clients numerous cases in different fields of domestic and international law. His clientele includes several multinational corporations, institutions and organizations. Kosmas specializes in commercial, trade and civil law and he is a renowned expert in negotiations, strategic planning and crisis management.

Kosmas studied in Romania, where he obtained his Bachelor of Laws, in the USA, where he obtained his LLM in International Business and Trade Law and finally in Greece, where he was awarded his LLM in Greek Commercial Law.