Manage your property in Greece

The management and care of real estate is a very demanding job, especially when the owner lives abroad.

Themida will assist you in order to ensure the safety of your agreements as well as represent you in the negotiations, draft your contracts and preserve the value of the property, while generating income.

The property management services of Themida include the payment of utility bills as well as property taxes, provision of photos of the property and reports on the property status, care for your property by visiting monthly and ensuring air change, assisting you in hiring staff for repairing and cleaning the indoors.

Whether looking to sell, purchase or manage your real estate in Greece, Themida can provide unequivocal representation. We will take care of all the necessary steps to ensure that the transaction is completed in the most professional, time saving and cost-efficient manner possible.

Themida maintains a network of highly experienced professionals, including Notaries, Engineers, Surveyors, Real Estate Managers, and Accountants, who will provide you with all necessary services for real estate transactions.

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