In law, the enforcement of foreign judgments is the recognition and enforcement in one jurisdiction of judgments rendered in another (“foreign”) jurisdiction. Foreign judgments may be recognized based on bilateral or multilateral treaties or understandings, or unilaterally without an express international agreement.

The “recognition” of a foreign judgment occurs when the court of one country or jurisdiction accepts a judicial decision made by the courts of another “foreign” country or jurisdiction, and issues a judgment in substantially identical terms without rehearing the substance of the original lawsuit.

Any Court Decision of a foreign state that resolves a dispute of private law can be recognised and enforced in Greece according to the relevant provisions of the Law. In principle, those provisions include all decisions of foreign civil state courts. The procedure followed for the enforcement of domestic court decisions (or other executory titles) is strictly regulated by the Greek civil procedural law. More specifically, the GCCP sets out the procedural steps and formalities which shall be followed in order for a claim to be enforced, as well as the procedural nullities which are imposed in the event the pertinent provisions are not respected.

Themida team is experienced in these matters and provides specialized legal services to clients in Greece or abroad, who wish to declare enforceable in Greece decisions issued by foreign courts. We represent foreign legal entities, corporations and physical persons who wish to enforce foreign judgments in Greece.

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